Take Control of IT

Who is really in control

of your Data?

Robust, flexible, and efficient data management and

business analytics solutions can increase value,

efficiency, and security across your entire business.

Data is growing, on average, 40%-60% each year and it remains the most valuable asset your company owns. To meet the growing demands of your business, you need to find an all-inclusive way to manage and analyze more and more terabytes of information. But turning endless piles of data into timely and actionable form can be a constant challenge. That data has to be stored, backed up, replicated, protected, archived, searchable—and harnessed for better business decisions.


Summit First Solutions certified experts approach all projects holistically to understand your challenges and to make sure you have the tools to effectively organize, control, manage, and leverage your valuable data, all while minimizing risk.

Our offerings also help you eliminate the need for multiple-point solutions while supporting heterogeneous storage environments: on-site, remote, and in the Cloud. All of this allows you to align your efforts with your overall business strategies to realize cost savings and improved efficiency and business outcomes.

Our end-to-end solutions guide you to:

• Faster backups and recovery

• Reduced downtime and increased system availability

• Effectively archived data for easy and secure access

• Rapid and accurate document retrieval through eDiscovery

• Efficient asset management

• More relevant insights from your data using business analytics


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