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• Determine the best IT service delivery strategy, on-site or remote, as well as leveraging the Cloud

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Summit First delivers superior business and IT services with agility and speed.


Regardless of your company size, we’ll design and architect a custom solution to fit your business needs.

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Respond quickly to demand, maximize flexibility, manage risk, and accelerate growth with our Dynamic Infrastructure solutions.

Technology constantly evolves, and you’re faced with the pressure to provide more strategic IT solutions to achieve more with an ever-shrinking budget. Your team is challenged with designing, deploying, and supporting increasingly complex infrastructures to provide high-quality IT services across your entire organization. At the same time, you’re expected to cut costs and increase productivity. To meet these demands, you need a smarter infrastructure that allows your business to be flexible and agile.


Summit First Solutions Architects and certified consultants can ensure seamless integration through an optimal combination of servers, storage, virtualization, and automation technologies. Our decades of experience and collaboration with leading hardware and software partners enable us to offer unified platforms and management solutions that provide best-in-class quality. With energy stewardship and flexible sourcing options, we’ll also help you contain operational costs and complexity so you can achieve breakthrough productivity.


With our proven collaborative process, we can ensure that you have an infrastructure that is highly available and responsive so you can readily adjust to constantly changing business demands. On top of that, you’ll be able to better manage security, resiliency, and compliance challenges. And with high-availability and disaster recovery strategies, we’ll make sure you’re prepared not only for today but also for whatever tomorrow may bring.



Your IT department is the backbone of your business – your infrastructure should be able to adapt to the changing needs of your business and customer.


Summit First offers a combined approach when evaluating the right solutions for your organization.  Storage and Virtualization is key to success.


Storage Infrastructure

You may not be able to control how fast your data is growing, but you can simplify and optimize your storage infrastructure for greater efficiency, faster recovery, and reduced storage costs.


Summit First has a wealth of experience in infrastructure design, virtualization, replication, compression, de-duplication, and copy management. Using these technologies, we can help you eliminate up to 90% of redundant data. This reduces the amount of raw storage required; allowing you to condense your storage footprint and reduce costs up to 50%.


All of our solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and responsiveness, allowing you to adapt to evolving business requirements while improving your efficiency and productivity.



Enterprise IT professionals are constantly faced with how to manage explosive data growth. Not only is it a challenge to find the physical space to store and manage the additional data, operating that space can also be costly and inefficient.


Server and storage consolidation with virtualization will help you optimize your IT resources. Summit First customized solutions can reduce the number of servers, storage, desktop, and network devices, allowing you to reduce complexity and energy consumption, save valuable floor space, and simplify management.

 By virtualizing your environment, you can minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and increase data security and remote access. Moving to a dynamic infrastructure brings the added benefit of reducing power and cooling costs while improving operations, reliability, and availability.


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